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Complete Guide about Roof Repairing

Written on August 14, 2019   By   in roofing

The stains of water extending across the ceiling or running down the walls are the signs of a leaky roof. If you have a leaky roof, it is really necessary for you to repair it as soon as possible. Small leaks can create numerous serious problems, even in a very small period of time, such as rotting of frame and sheathing. Mold destroyed insulation and damaged ceilings are also some important and most reported problems of the roof. If a homeowner deals these problems within a specific period of time, it will be very easy to overcome on such damages. To overcome these roof leaks is called roof repair. A roof repair company will be best placed to repair your roof in th ebest way possible. Here are the steps the roofing repair company will follow.

Steps of Roof Repairing

Two steps are involved in roof repairing.

  1. Tracing of leaks or damages: Tracking down the leak in the roof is the hardest and time-consuming part of repairing a roof.
  2. Repairing of Roof: After finding the actual position of leak, it becomes very easy to repair it.

Types of damages and repairing solutions

There are several types of damages which require a different solution. Some of the most reported damages and problems with their solution are given below.

  1. Blow-off damage

This problem has been reported in those areas which are suffering from the high-speed wind. High-speed winds usually damage the roofing material. This type of damages occurs in a part of a roof which is entirely exposing the high-speed wind. By severe wind, different Roofing materials such as roofing felt and roof sheathing blows away.

How to repair: If a part of the roof is blown off by the high-speed wind, a roof repairing expert will replace that section of roof with new roofing in such a way that roof would be properly protected in future. This type of damages can be fixed easily.

  1. Major Structural damage

The roof can be damaged indirectly by Storms and high-speed winds damage the roof indirectly by causing trees limbs and even entire trees in some cases to fall on the roof. In such situations, small punctures in the roof sheathing or the complete collapse of the roof may occur.

How to repair: In such cases, roof experts decide that either to repair it will bring more suitable results or replacement will be suitable.

  1. Shingles Damages

Wind can damage the roof by missing and breaking shingles. If they are directly exposed to sunlight, bald shingles will be disposed of very soon. There are some prominent signs of shingles roofing that must be replaced. The old Shingles must be replaced with the new shingles such as cup and curl.

How to repair: In some case, shingles are repaired but in most of the cases, entire shingles are replaced.

  1. Damaged Skylights

Glass in the roof-mounted skylight can be cracked from hailing and windblown objects.

How to repair: Depending upon the amount of damages, sometimes only damaged glass panel is replaced. In the majority of the cases, new skylight panel is installed.

  1. Ventilation problem of the roof

Sometimes, because of rotten away or torn of rubber boot surrounding the vent pipes, water runs into the house. In some cases, insects and animal are allowed into the attic because a proper system for their screening is absent in such cases. Some typical cases came into the record in which insufficient ventilation was reported. Roof problems relating to blockage of vents opening have also been reported.

How to repair:  The cases in which rubber boot surrounding the vent pipes was either rotted away or torn, a new rubber boot is installed by removing the old one. The cases in which insects and animal were allowed into the attic, a screening system is installed in the vents pipe. In case of insufficient ventilation, additional vents are installed to resolve the problem. Roof problems relating to blockage of vent will be resolved by removing the blockage. This removal will need a guarantee that this problem will not occur again in the future.

  1. Rotted Wood

This problem is reported in those houses which lie in an area of heavy rainfall. In these areas, the wood of the roof gets wet because of rain and cannot dry completely which result in rotting of wood. Even a small leak will result in rotting of roof sheathing and rafters.

How to repair: This roofing problem can be resolved by replacing the rotten roof material with a new one. A suitable system to dry the wet material in the roof in a short period of time must be installed to remain secure from this problem in the near future.

  1. More than two layers of roofing

Most building codes are of the opinion that there must not be more than two layers of asphalt roofing. Always remove an old asphalt shingle roof before adding or placing a new asphalt shingle roof. There are some builders who do not follow these rules. This results in two main problems. One of these two problems is that, in three layers of roof, uppermost roofing shingles remain uneven and inadequately adhere to the roof sheathing. The second problem which is related to three layers of the roof is that the combined weight of the roofing material will exceed the total strength of the roof framing.

How to repair: The best solution to this problem is that remove extra layers.



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