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3 Ways to Remove Negative Items from Credit Report Before 7 Years

Why do you need to remove negative items from credit report before 7 years? You may not know it, but your credit report is very important. Your credit standing says a lot about your capability to pay off debts, which is quite essential in a society were living comfortably depends on credit checks. And this is why any negative data on your credit report should be taken off as soon as possible, without having to wait for 7 years.

Checking Credit Reports

While many are already aware of how important their credit scores are, they ignore the value of checking their credit reports. And when they do, they get surprised at how low their scores are when, in fact, they are good payors and do their responsibilities well.

When you do check your credit report regularly, but, unfortunately, find things that can hurt your credit score, what do you do? How can you remove negative items from credit reports before 7 years go by?

3 Ways to Remove Negative Things from Your Credit

  • Get a copy of your credit report and dispute the error. You can call or send a dispute letter to the credit bureau that made the error. You can also do it online, which is the fastest way to resolve the error. Error mix-ups are fairly common in credit reports, which is why you should carefully check yours so you don’t get blamed for someone else’s mistake and get punished for it. Fortunately, genuine errors are usually fixed easily.


  • Send the Bureau a goodwill letter. If you think there is a mistake with your credit report but the Bureau thinks otherwise and does not remove the negative item, send them a goodwill letter instead of further arguing your point. It can be hard to convince the Bureau if the error is questionable, so don’t push them. Sending a letter that explains your situation and sincerely asking them to remove the negative item may be a long shot. But it is better than doing nothing.


  • Hire a professional credit repair company. Removing negative data on your credit report can be a lot of work. And if all your effort remains fruitless, it is time you let professionals handle your problem.

Bad data can still be removed even if you don’t do anything about it. But you have to wait for 7 years before it can disappear, which makes having to remove negative items from credit report before 7 years, or in the shortest time possible, even more important. When you do so, you won’t have trouble applying for loans and such, since your credit report is clean and your credit score good.

Now, do you think you can keep your credit report clean and remove hurtful data on your own? This can be done but it needs careful checking and will require time.

If you don’t have the patience for it, you will need to do number 3 above, and let Blue Water Credit help you remove those unwanted things that prevent you from having a good credit score. Let Blue Water Credit fix and rebuild your credit so you can find success with future loans or in applying for credit cards.

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